03. WYRM

Work In Progress v01. Moruya, AUS. 2020

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This first-pass work 'WYRM' was a response to living in a ‘state of emergency’ during the JAN 2020 fire crisis in Australia. This was experienced simultaneaously through digital media and first hand as the fires burnt close by and destoyed homes of friends and livelyhoods of the people around me.

The animation depicts the fear of the fire and resulting ecocide slowly snaking its way towards us, boring into our minds.

The anxiety-loop of the weekly cycle of evacuation and the bush fire threat to home and family, community and local Rural Fire fighters has been dubbed ‘the new normal’. This is likely to continue each summer due to Climate Change.

We have tried to control the WYRM with little success.

I believe with respect to Country and the knowledge of cultural burning practices of First Nations people we will be able to manage the WYRM in the future.

Please visit www.firesticks.org.au for more information

Work In Progress v01. Moruya, AUS.
2D Digital animation for projection purposes. Looped playback.

Jan 2020.